BEDIO: Free Write Monday And Last Day of BEDIO

Hello and welcome to the last post for BEDIO! Before we get started, I just want to say that if anyone is looking for a fun Halloween movie to watch today, you should check out Wendell and Wild on Netflix! It’s a Claymation movie about two demon brothers (Wendell and Wild) who make a dealContinue reading “BEDIO: Free Write Monday And Last Day of BEDIO”

BEDIO: Free Write Monday

Welcome back to another Free Write Monday! This marks exactly one week before the end of BEDIO 😱 I can’t believe how quickly the month flew by! You know the drill by now, as I share these prompts, feel free to try them out yourself and share your work! Whether it’s linking to your post,Continue reading “BEDIO: Free Write Monday”

BEDIO: Free Write Monday

Hello! Happy Monday and BEDIO everyone! Since it’s the beginning of the week, it’s time for another Free Write Monday 🥳 As I share these prompts, feel free to try them out yourself and share your work! Whether it’s linking to your post or just writing it out in a comment, I’d love to seeContinue reading “BEDIO: Free Write Monday”

Poetry Prompt #13

Hey there everyone, I hope your Monday has been off to a good start! Today is the first Monday of November, and therefore the first Poetry Prompt Monday of the month. Is there any significance to that? No, but I figure, why not point it out 🤷‍♂️ Anyways, this week I’m using another poetry promptContinue reading “Poetry Prompt #13”

BEDIO: Poetry Prompt #12

Hey everyone, happy Monday and welcome back to Blog Everyday in October! It’s the beginning of a new week, which means that it’s Poetry Prompt Monday 🎉 Woohoo! This week’s theme is going to be monsters, but my poem is a little bit different from my previous ones. The poem I’m sharing was something IContinue reading “BEDIO: Poetry Prompt #12”

BEDIO: Poetry Prompt #10

I skipped last weeks Poetry Prompt Monday because of Banned Book Week, so now we’re going to do a Halloween inspired poetry prompt 🎃 For this weeks prompt, I’m taking inspiration from the post Scary Poetry Prompts on the website Writing Forward. They have Halloween word prompts divided into three categories, and this week I’mContinue reading “BEDIO: Poetry Prompt #10”