BEDIO: Poetry Prompt #10

I skipped last weeks Poetry Prompt Monday because of Banned Book Week, so now we’re going to do a Halloween inspired poetry prompt πŸŽƒ

For this weeks prompt, I’m taking inspiration from the post Scary Poetry Prompts on the website Writing Forward. They have Halloween word prompts divided into three categories, and this week I’m going to be using some of the words from the “Ghostly Ghouls” section.

Ghostly Ghouls πŸ‘»haunted

Here’s what I came up with, although it might be a little shorter than usual, but my creative writing brain is a little rusty from all the research I did from last weeks posts… Which means it’s even more important to get those wheels cranking again! I also don’t write a lot of creepy/spooky/horror type poetry, so it’s a little out of my comfort zone (but hey, it’s always good to switch it up a bit).

So sit back, relax and enjoy my first attempt of writing spooky poems for the month πŸ’€

The echoes of last night,

Haunt me through today.

It all started,

With a loud knocking on the door.

Just to end,

With the thud of a body to the floor.

Cold hands,

Press down on me,

As they try to stop me,

From dragging their body,

Out of the house,

And into the darkness,

Of the night.

I hope that was spooky and creepy enough for you! What a great way to start off the week πŸ˜…

Anyways, if you want to try your hand at coming up with your own poem, feel free to share it in the comments below!

On that note, have a good rest of your morning/day/evening/night, and I will see you tomorrow with a new post πŸ‘»


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