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Hey everyone, happy Monday and welcome back to Blog Everyday in October!

It’s the beginning of a new week, which means that it’s Poetry Prompt Monday 🎉 Woohoo!

This week’s theme is going to be monsters, but my poem is a little bit different from my previous ones. The poem I’m sharing was something I wrote a few years ago, but it was one of my favorite ones to write. I did edit it a little bit, as I just wanted to re-word somethings; if you want to read what I originally wrote, you can check it out here.

Feel free to write a poem about monsters, and you can share it below, or link to your post! Now, let’s be poetic 👹

The Girl and The Monsters

Once was a little girl,

Who was terrified of the monsters,

Living under her bed.

Her parents told her,

“Honey, these monsters,

They just don’t exist.”

But the girl knew the truth,

Despite her parents disbelief.

So night after night,

After her parents turned out the lights,

The girl would cower beneath the covers,

Using them as protection.

For if she couldn’t see the monsters,

They couldn’t see her, right?

From the safety of her covers,

She would watch the black shadows dance across her room,

And hear their growling voices,

As they spoke to each other.

One night she couldn’t take it anymore.

With her eyes shut,

She threw the covers off and screamed,

“Leave me alone!

Why can’t you just leave me alone?!”

When she opened her eyes,

She saw monsters so giant,

They could eat three of her for breakfast.

She saw monsters so hairy,

They might as well have been hair balls from a cat.

She saw monsters with teeth so big and sharp,

They could easily have torn her to pieces.

Yet, she still wanted her answer,

So one of the monsters steps forward,

And looks her dead in the eye,

“Because you still believe in us,

And you’re still scared of us.”

The little girl cocks her head to the side,

Waiting for a better explanation.

The monster continues,

“As you grow up,

You learn that us monsters under your bed,

Aren’t the scariest things in the world.

You find new fears,

And new monsters.

Ones that aren’t so easy to see,

That can hide in broad daylight.

Now that you aren’t scared of us anymore,

We must go find another child,

Who’s still scared of us monsters under their bed.”

With that the monsters leave,

And the little girl is alone,

Just as she asked.

Except, in the corner of her room,

Stands a strange man.

Before she can scream,

He whisks her away,

Out of the safety of her warm house,

And into the cold, foreboding night.

This is the night when the little girl,

Learned of other monsters living in this world.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your poems below if you choose to write one!

Otherwise, I will see you all tomorrow with a new post 👻


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