🍂Fall… The Season of Reading🍂

(At least, that’s what I like to tell myself) Hey everyone, happy Wednesday! Guess what today is? I’ll give you a minute… 🍂🍁It’s officially the second day of Fall! 🍁🍂 In honor of Fall officially beginning, I want to talk about five books I’m excited to read this season, as well as books I usedContinue reading “🍂Fall… The Season of Reading🍂”

Current Reads/ What I’m Watching (09/16/2020)

Hey there! Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s post is going to be kind of an eclectic (haha) discussion of what I’ve been reading/watching. This week, I’ve only been reading Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Colhurst (which I talked about in my last WWW Wednesdays). I’m about halfway through the book, and it’s perfect for whatContinue reading “Current Reads/ What I’m Watching (09/16/2020)”

Poetry Prompt #8

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for another Poetry Prompt post! This weeks inspiration is a prompt from my Write the Poem journal. Below is the inspiration word and all the word associations. Prompt: Word Associations: Music MelodyHymnInstrumentalOrchestraPopularTuneChoral Rhythm Here are a couple poems IContinue reading “Poetry Prompt #8”

WWW Wednesday (9/2/2020)

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week, and just started a new month… now isn’t that something? So I finished some books, and then started some books, (as I tend to do), but there’s been enough of a change in my reading that I believe a WWW Wednesday post is warranted. Originally,Continue reading “WWW Wednesday (9/2/2020)”

Poetry Prompt #6

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last Monday of August! It’s crazy how fast this month flew by 😱 Anyways, as it’s a new week, it’s time for another Poetry Prompt! This one is courtesy of my Write the Poem journal, and I’ll go ahead and post the prompt below: Prompt: Word Associations Anger AcrimonyIreEnmityIndignationvexationcholerragemaliceContinue reading “Poetry Prompt #6”

Fortnight Frights Reading Challenge (Tentative) TBR! (Hosted by The Artisan Geek)

Yesterday, The Artisan Geek made her official announcement video about Fortnight Frights, which I plan on participating in! The read-a-thon lasts from October 18-October 31 and was created to make horror a more accessible and inclusive genre, not just in reading more diverse authors and obscure stories, but also giving those who may think they’reContinue reading “Fortnight Frights Reading Challenge (Tentative) TBR! (Hosted by The Artisan Geek)”