An August Update

Welcome back!

I wanted to keep consistently posting every week on this blog, but didn’t have time to do a Top Ten Tuesday or WWW Wednesday Post, so here I am with an update instead!

It all started when my charger blew up and shocked me a week ago (I wish I was kidding). Late Wednesday night, I was going to plug my computer into the charger, when I heard a pop, felt a shock in my hand, and smelled something burning. I look at my hand and notice the sparks from my charger, along with the black residue at the base of my thumb. I dropped it, washed my hand, and once it was cleaned up, went back to unplug my cord (should I have done that earlier… maybe but also I didn’t want to do anything too soon after being shocked by my charger). At this point, I ordered a new charger and didn’t end up getting it until Friday evening, right before leaving to visit my brother and his girlfriend’s new kitten (who is super adorable btw).

Could I have just written blog posts on my phone? Yeah… but it’s a pain and I didn’t want to do that 😂

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Anyways, that was last week, so, why have I been so busy this week?

Well, thanks for askin’ 😉 Basically, I started a new freelance project this week, have been doing interviews, working on my final project for school (and then I’ll finally be done with my Master’s on 8/14 😱), and (on top of all that) still doing my internship at Glasse Factory. I don’t know if I mentioned that on here, but I’ve been writing about music over on Glasse Factory since the end of March! Surprise!

If you love music and want to see what I’ve been up to, check out my posts here.

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So in other words… Life’s been a little hectic, but that’s okay! Sometimes it is what it is, and you just got to go with the flow 👌

Hopefully y’all have been having a good week, and I will see you in the next post!

-Erin (:


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2 thoughts on “An August Update

  1. So glad you are OK after your charger experience. I felt as if I experienced the adventure with you. Love your writing! So excited you have reached the end of your Masters journey. No easy task. So very proud

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