Taking Care of Succulents: The Importance of Sunlight

For many beginning plant enthusiasts, succulents are an attractive plant to start with, as they are easy to grow and are generally an overall hardy plant that doesn’t require too much watering.

Succulents are also great because it’s easy to grow multiple succulents from just one plant, as one can simply cut off a piece from a fully grown succulent, stick it in a pot, and have another plant ready to grow.

My most recent succulent cuttings I planted, which are from my original set of succulents.

However, what many people don’t realize is that succulents, just like any other plant, are easy to kill if they’re not given the proper care. For example, succulents need a lot of sunlight in order to grow happy and healthy. When I first planted my succulents, I had them sitting om my bookshelf in the corner of my room, right next to the window. Also, I would water them outside, and leave them out for a day or two, just to get some extra light. I figured this routine would provide enough sunlight for the succulents to be happy.

I was wrong.

When gardeners or plant experts say that succulents need a lot of sunlight, they mean A LOT of sunlight. My plants didn’t grow very much for the first couple months I had them simply because they were not getting enough sunlight. After I noticed that a couple of my succulents weren’t doing so well, I started leaving them outside permanently, instead of moving them between my bookshelf and backyard whenever I watered them.

The difference was astounding; my plants started looking happier and healthier within the first month of me moving them permanently outside. Specifically, my Crassula Perforata went from looking like it was about to die, to a vibrant and healthy plant, which can be seen in the following image. Since I was leaving them outside permanently, they ended up needing more water, and because they were getting more sunlight along with more water, the leaves filled out as they were actually taking in the proper amount of water, therefore becoming more puffy and healthy.

My Crassula Perforata suffered greatly from not getting enough sunlight (and was also not getting enough water), so once I put it outside and watered it more (still only once a week though), it started looking a lot better and growing at a more healthy rate.

In other words, just like when someone performs research on how to take care of a certain pet, it’s important to do your research on how to take care of your plants. Even though some plants are easier to take care of than others, they still require maintenance, and you need to know what exactly that entails. Does that mean putting your plants in a sunny spot? Does that mean only watering your plants once a week, in order to avoid overwatering?

Take the time to research what your plants need, and make sure you have the proper containers, dirt, rocks, and (if necessary) plant light to ensure that your plants are getting enough water, sunlight, and air. Taking these precautions can also prevent other issues such as root rot as you get started on your plant-growing journey.

If you want more tips on some best practices when growing succulents, check out the infographic below!

Thanks for reading through my blog post here, and I will see you in the next post!


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