BEDIO: Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite Bookstores/Bookstores I’d Love To Visit

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! You know what that means… It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday 🎉

This week’s prompt is to talk about either my favorite bookstores or bookstores I’d love to visit. It’s in honor of National Bookshop Day in the UK (October 1st), and I figured since there are some great bookstores that I’ve been too and there are some I want to visit, I would list five bookstores that I enjoyed visiting and five bookstores I would love to visit in the future.

Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl hosts Top Ten Tuesdays every week, so go check out her blog (where you’ll also find more bloggers who participated in that week’s round of Top Ten Tuesday)!

On that note, let’s get into the list!

Five Bookstores I Loved Visiting

Bluestocking Books (San Diego, CA)

I visited Bluestocking Books over the summer, and it had a great selection to browse through, plus the booksellers and owner were really nice and friendly too!

Photo Courtesy of Bluestocking Books Facebook

Book-Off (San Diego, CA)

This is a chain of used bookstores around the country, and I put it on here mainly because I sold some of my old books here, and the process is super easy. I’m definitely planning on selling more of my used books here in the future.

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Friends Bookstore (Poway, CA)

Photo Courtesy of

Originally, I was at the Poway Library because there was a library sale going on, but my partner and I saw the little bookstore attached to the library and had to check it out. Since the store itself is small, there wasn’t a huge selection, but the lady who helped us was nice, and it’s also run by the Friends of the Poway Library organization, so bonus points for that 👌

Trident Booksellers and Café (Boulder, CO)

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Trident, but I remember going with my roommate my junior year of college, and it was a cute place to shop! Plus there’s a café, and I remember as a kid I always wanted to own a bookstore with a café in it, so this is basically my dream haha

Barnes And Noble (Honestly just giving a shoutout to the one by my house… and I also might be biased since I worked at that location haha)

Five Bookstores I’d Love To Visit

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore (San Diego, CA)

Unfortunately, it’s not located in a convenient place for me to get to, but I ordered online from them, and I had a great experience! Hopefully, I’m able to stop into the actual store soon (:

Powell’s City of Books (Portland, OR)

Tattered Cover Book Stores (Colorado)

It’s a local chain of bookstores throughout Colorado, and I never got a chance to visit one of the locations while I was going to school there 🤷‍♂️

Scrivener’s Books and Bookbinding (Buxton, England)

I saw a photo of Scrivener’s floating around on Twitter, and I mean, how could you not want to visit??

I found the photo on Reddit’s r/Cozy, although it’s not the original

Boekhandel Dominicanen (Maastricht, Netherlands)

I learned about this bookstore in the same thread about Scriveners. Boekhandel Dominicanen is a bookstore in the Netherlands that was converted from an old church (hence why the architecture is so unique). It’s a popular destination, so you must make sure you plan to go at an off-time to ensure the best browsing experience.

Photo Courtesy of the Boekhandel Dominicanen Facebook page

That’s it for today’s Top Ten Tuesday! What are some of your favorite bookstores? Let me know in the comments below (: Otherwise, I will see you in tomorrow’s post 👻

-Erin 🎃


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7 thoughts on “BEDIO: Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite Bookstores/Bookstores I’d Love To Visit

    1. You definitely should! If you only have time to visit one, Mysterious Galaxy books is the most well-known of San Diego’s Indie stores, and they have cool events 👌
      And Happy TTT Tuesday (Or Wednesday 👀) to you too!


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