BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Integrity Blues]

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I hope you’re week has been going well, and if not… well the weekend is almost upon us!

I didn’t know where to put this thought, so I’ll just add it here 🤣 I love the cover art for this album so much. The photos are visually striking and vibrant, especially with the primary color scheme used throughout the photos for this album (I know, I dug all the way back to my Photo 1-2 class for that primary color scheme part 😂).

Today is going to be my final Jimmy Eat World post, as their new album Surviving, releases TODAY. Woohoo! As I haven’t had time to listen to the album yet (and probably won’t before this post goes up), I’m going to go ahead and finish off the celebration of Jimmy Eat World’s music career with their previous album, Integrity Blues.

Integrity Blues is an interesting album for me because this is the one I’ve listened to the least out of all their albums, so it doesn’t have the same nostalgic feel to it as the other albums have. Even with Damage, it was the album that I listened through studying during college, or when I went running, so it still brings me back to a specific time in my life. Integrity Blues doesn’t have that same affect on me, which I find funny because of their most recent albums, Integrity Blues has the best critical acclaim to it. I do have to say though, the music video for “Sure and Certain” is cool, and I recommend checking it out.

Even though I don’t have the same attachment to this album as I do the others, there are still a couple songs that stood out to me when I first listened through, which were “Get Right”, and “Pass the Baby” (I would say “Pass the Baby is hands down my favorite song from the album). Recently, though, after doing another listen through of this album, I did find more songs I really enjoyed, and want to listen to more, such as “The End is Beautiful” and “Integrity Blues” (Jim’s vocals on the title track… amazing, along with the whole production of that track. Just wow). Overall, I like the second half of the album more so than the first half.

On that note, here are the songs that I like the most from Integrity Blues… so, sit back, relax and enjoy the music 😊

“Pass the Baby”

“Get Right”


“The End Is Beautiful”


“Integrity Blues”

“Pol Roger”


If you want to listen to the entire Integrity Blues album, here is the playlist from the Jimmy Eat World Youtube channel.

Since Surviving comes out today, I’m going to provide a playlist made for the album, also provided by the Jimmy Eat World Youtube channel.


Now the countdown is over, and Surviving is out in the world today! Thank you for reading through my posts, they are kind of self-indulgent, but Jimmy Eat World was, and still kind of is, an important band for me. I hope you enjoyed going on this journey with me as we went through each album, but now it has come to an end.

Thank you for reading and listening, and I will see you tomorrow with a new post (Not Jimmy Eat World related 🤣)!

Erin 🎃

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I wanted to include this, because I like to include the run times on the albums, in case you were curious… here they are, from the shortest album to the longest:

Damage: 37:46

Jimmy Eat World: 37:56

Chase This Light: 40:18

Bleed American: 46:38

Integrity Blues: 46:39

Futures: 49:33

Invented: 51:05

Static Prevails: 51:33

Clarity: 64:22


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