BEDIO: Trying Pintrest Halloween Drinks- Seduction Shot

Image from the Tipsy Bartender

Hey everybody, I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend! In case you’re not (and you like to drink), how about you try out this fun shot?

Or, well, if you like Midori, then you should try this shot. 🤣

Anyways, as I’ve been wanting to try different Halloween themed drinks from Pintrest, and I thought this one looked cool, my brother and I decided to give it a try! It may not have a spooky Halloween name or anything, but in the picture on Pintrest, the Bailey’s on top was floating down, and kind of made it look like a ghost… so that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

Right 👌

So, without further ado, here is the Seduction Shot!


Original Pin:


20191011_105020-1/2 oz of Kahlua

-1/2 oz of Midori

-1/2 oz of Bailey’s


  1. Pour Kahlua on the bottom
  2. Pour Midori in the middle
  3. Pour Bailey’s on the top (to make sure it floats, the Bailey’s needs to be room temperature).

Final Result:

With the Seduction Shot, I tried it once with my brother, and once by myself.

When I tried it the first time with my brother, the shot tasted yummy. I didn’t notice the Midori too much after the initial taste of it, although that initial taste did remind me of cough medicine.

Not very pleasant if you ask me.

The first shots that my brother poured.

In the picture on Pintrest, the green of the Midori is more prominent than in the shots we made, because it actually separated. In our shots, the Kahlua and Midori mixed, but the Bailey’s at least floated on top, (which is why it’s so important for it to be room temperature), so there were two layers at least.

As a result, I thought about it and figured we needed to add more Midori, as well as pour it in a double shot glass. That way, it’ll give more room to separate the layers.

At least, that seemed logical to me.

The shot I poured

So, the second time I tried it, I did both of those things… and not only did everything end up mixing together, the Midori was much stronger, and I swear I was drinking straight up cough medicine.

My final thoughts?

I wouldn’t try this shot again, unless there is something else mixed with the Bailey’s and Kahlua. The Midori would probably taste better in a more tropical drink (there is a Scooby Snack shot that has pineapple juice and Malibu in it which I’ll probably try).

Overall, I would give the shot itself a 5/10 (it did give me a buzz, which is ya know, the whole point of a shot… even though it tasted like cough syrup) and the instructions a 3/10. Even though there were tips on how to get the Bailey’s to float, there wasn’t anything else about how to pour a shot to layer the different alcohol’s. As someone who is not a bartender, it’s not like this isn’t common knowledge to me, and it would be nice to have had some tips on how to make that work. Other than that, the instructions were clear and straight forward (obviously, it’s a shot so there wasn’t too much instructing that needed to be done, besides my previous note).


And that’s all folks!

Thank you for reading today’s post, and I hope to see you tomorrow!


Erin 🎃

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