BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Invented]

Welcome back everyone! The album we’re talking about today is one of my favorite albums of Jimmy Eat World’s (as far as the album’s  concept and story behind its creation).

71LLJ66dXFL._SY355_Invented is one of their most interesting album’s to me simply because of how they came up with the whole concept of the album. They looked at photographs (which are included in the CD, and is also the cover art) and created a story about the girl in the photos. This album came out during the end of my sophomore year/ beginning of my junior year of high school, and a lot of my English classes focused on analyzing art (whether it’s a picture, writing or movie), and finding the meaning behind it. This fueled my interest in the album, as I thought it was an awesome way to create an album concept. I always love bands who try different things, whether it’s in their song writing process or changing up their sound, because it shows their passion and love for music.

Although I still like this album overall (and it is one of their more underrated albums, in my opinion), there are still a few songs on there that I used to love, but don’t anymore.

Here are some of those honorable mentions:

  • “My Best Theory”: I loved this song in high school, and listened to it all the time when I would drive to school in the morning. It’s upbeat and wakes you up, but I overplayed it for myself and don’t want to listen to it anymore. 🤣


  • “Action Needs an Audience”: This is a good song, it just isn’t my go to song when I want to listen to an intense harder rocking Jimmy Eat World. My typical go to songs for that sound are “Nothing Wrong” and most of the other songs from Futures.


  • “Mixtape”: I probably would like this song more, if the ending wasn’t as repetitive as it is. The first half of the song is great, but towards the end, it drags on for me.

Now, here are the songs that I still go back and listen to from Invented. Of these songs, my favorites are definitely “Cut” and “Invented”. “Cut” communicates the emotions of the song so well, with the lyrics and instrumentals complimenting each other beautifully. “Invented” has one of those awesome Jimmy Eat World build-ups, and the climax of the song makes the entire build-up towards that moment worth it.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some good ol’ Jimmy Eat World 😉


“Heart Is Hard to Find”




“Higher Devotion”








If you want to listen to the Invented album all together, here’s the playlist from the Jimmy Eat World Youtube channel:



Thank you for reading, I will see you guys tomorrow with a new post! Two more days!


Erin 🎃

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