BEDIO: A Wrap-Up For The End Of Week 2

Last Saturday, I did a little end of the week wrap up, and I enjoyed writing that post, so I decided to do another reflection!

This week started off pretty well, as I had posts written ahead of time. However, my work week became hectic, and so starting with my WWW Wednesday post, I was pretty much writing either the night before, or the day of. In fact, I had messed up on my Thursday post, and ended up with a blank post going up, as I had scheduled it earlier in the month… although I had changed my mind on what I wanted to write about for that day 😅 The rest of the week was smoother sailing though, as I was able to get some posts written up ahead of time, and my workload calmed down a bit.

Overall, I feel like my creative juices are flowing a bit more, and I’m starting to come up with ideas outside book tags! I’m enjoying the feeling of my creative muscles stretching, and I’m also proud that I’ve been able to keep up with this challenge so far (even with minor hiccups!).

That’s about all I have for my weekly update, so feel free to let me know how your week has been going in the comments below! Read any good books this week? Met a writing goal you’ve been striving for? I’d love to hear about it!

On that note, I will see you tomorrow with a new post for the beginning of a new week!

-Erin 🎃


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