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Hello and welcome to a new week! Today is Monday, which means time for the second ✨ Free Write Monday ✨

As a reminder, when I share these prompts, feel free to try them out yourself and share your work! Whether it’s linking to your post or just writing it out in a comment, I’d love to see what you come up with (:

This Free Write Monday prompt is from the same Tumblr page I used last week 👌 Be sure to check out the page here to try some of the other prompts!

PROMPT: Frost collecting on each blade of grass

Seasons change and will continue until the end of time. Change is inevitable, even if it shows up differently every year. The cold will sweep in, leaving frost on each blade of grass in the morning and maybe even staying until the next day. Then green blossoms will peek out at the beginning of Spring, bringing a gentle warmth until the scorching heat of summer blazes in from above. We notice the passing of time through the seasons, the growing wrinkle lines on our loved ones, or our evolving thoughts and perceptions of the world around us. We might grow more cynical as life throws its worst at us, or we might learn how to love deeper after meeting that person who makes us smile at the thought of them. Change, evolution, passing time, it’s scary when it comes unexpectedly or when we finally realize what is happening. Yet, there are times when we welcome it with open arms, hoping it will allow us the opportunity to bring happiness into our life.

I hope you enjoyed today’s prompt! This week was a struggle for me to get into the creative writing mindset, but I think these prompts are helping me slowly but surely get back into that frame of mind.

What are some of you best tips for getting your creative juices flowing? Let me know in the comments below!

And on that note, I will see you tomorrow with a Top Ten Tuesday post!

-Erin 🎃


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