BEDIO: Just Some Bibliophilic Things #6 And The Halloween Book Tag

Today is the last day of Blog Everyday in October, so to all of you who have taken the time to read any of my posts this month, thank you! It takes a lot of planning and time to get this all organized, so I appreciate any of y’all who have been along for the ride at some point this October 😊

To end BEDIO 2020, I decided to do a Halloween Book tag, which I found on the Sassy Book Geek’s blog. If you want to check out her post, you can do so here! For the sake of not turning this post into an essay, I’m only going to answer some of the questions.

Also, since today is Saturday, it’s time for another Just Some Bibliophilic Things, which is a weekly meme hosted by Riddhi from Whispering Stories! I’ll go ahead and start with the Just Some Bibliophilic Things question, and then do the Halloween Book Tag 🎃

This Week’s question: Which genre is your absolute favorite? What draws you to it? If demanded, would you be able to stick to it for the rest of your life?

Tough question… I would say it’s most likely fantasy, although more specifically urban fantasy. I think fantasy is a great genre to explore current issues in a way where you’re removed from the real world just enough where it still has this feeling of escaping from real life. I think I could stick to it for the rest of my life, as fantasy is pretty expansive, and there’s enough subgenre’s where it won’t feel as though I’m reading the same book over and over again.

Favorite Scary (Must Read) For Halloween?

I don’t have a favorite book that I read every year, although when I was younger, I always enjoyed reading the Blue is For Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz during the fall.

Scariest Book Cover, Like Ever?

The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark covers always freaked me out, and really just the illustrations overall were super creepy.

In What Fictional World Would You Like To Go Trick-or-Treating?

Let’s go with Middle Earth from The Lord of the Rings, because I specifically want to visit the Shire. I know I’ve answered the Shire from The Lord of the Rings in a previous post, but I feel like it fun to trick-or-treat there, especially because they would also throw a really fun Halloween party.

What Book Villain Would You Not Like To Meet Alone In A Dark Alley On Halloween?

I was thinking of the Corsai from This Savage Song, since they only hunt at night when its dark… and well they’ll eat you. They also remind me of the Vashta Nerada from Doctor Who, which really freaked me out the first time I watched “Silence in the Library”.

Would You Rather Dress Up As A Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf, or Shadowhunter?

Vampire, hands down. It just seems like a costume that you can get really creative with when it comes to dressing up 🤷‍♂️

What Is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

Easy, TWIX! So delicious 😂

Now we’re at the end of the post… and so Blog Every Day in October 2020 is officially a wrap! It’s a month that seems to have gone by in a blur, and as much fun as it was to post everyday, it will be nice to go back to my regular posting schedule 😂

Once again, thank you to anyone who has read any of the posts I put out this month, I really appreciate it!

On that note, I will see you on Monday with a new post 😊


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4 thoughts on “BEDIO: Just Some Bibliophilic Things #6 And The Halloween Book Tag

  1. Ooh I loved how you put fantasy as a way to explore current issues but with the feeling of escaping… I totally agree, fantasy is great at making these issues more interesting with all the magical elements and all and drawing in a larger crowd!

    Love your answers for the tag btw – I really want to read This Savage Song but then you mentioned the villain and I’m scared now haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fantasy elements definitely help make people more interested in exploring these ideas!
      Thank you! In This Savage Song, there are three levels of monsters, with the Corsai on the bottom (as they have more of a hive-mind existence than the other two), then the Malachai, and then the Sunai at the top. That fanart was super spooky though, I always imagined them as just ordinary shadows 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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