Reading Update (09/09/2020)

Hey everyone, and happy Wednesday!

Today, since I just finished a couple books and haven’t quite started anything else yet, I figure I would do a quick reading update. I also got a few books in the mail yesterday, and I want to talk about them, so I’m gonna go ahead and do just that 👌

Now let’s talk books!

What I’ve Read Recently:

I finished Fahrenheit 451 a few days ago, and although it’s not one of my favorite books this year, I did like it. For those of you who don’t know, Fahrenheit 451 is about a world where books are illegal, and so those possess them are punished and their books are burned. The story follows a fireman named Guy Montag, but in this version of reality, the firemen are the ones who burn the books, although Montag is now beginning to question this practice .

What really got me was how relevant some of the quotes in the book are in today’s world, even though Bradbury wrote this book over 50 years ago. I’m going to do a more detailed discussion of the book later this month for Banned Book Week (09/27-10/3), such as the history of censorship and challenges placed against the book.

I also just finished reading The Color Purple last night, which I’m also going to be doing a more in depth discussion about during my posts for Banned Book Week. However, I enjoyed the story overall, and I enjoyed switching between Celie and Nettie’s letter’s, as it gave different perspectives of the lives of Black woman living in the South during the 1930’s. I thought Nettie’s letters were especially interesting, especially when she was doing missionary work in Africa, to showcase the dynamic between Africans and missionaries, especially with Black, non-African missionaries. It’s an interesting perspective which I personally haven’t heard that much about, so it really drew me in.

New Books!

I recently splurged on some new books (for reasons I’m not going to talk about right now, because some thing’s about the situation are in limbo), but I’m excited and want to show them off, so here they are! I’m going to link to the book summaries, and I might tag on a little explanation for why I bought certain books.

All Book Summaries are from The StoryGraph.

Six Angry Girls

The Jumbies: For Fortnight Frights in October, I was deciding between reading this book or The Year of the Witching for one of the prompts. I want to read The Year of the Witching before the read-a-thon, plus The Jumbies is a middle grade book, I figure it would be a nice break between all the other books I plan on reading.

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe: This is one of the books from Rick Riordan’s publishing house, which focuses on publishing diverse stories from diverse authors. I honestly wanted to check it out because it sounds like a fun story, and I want to read some more fun books 😂

The Beadworkers

Legacy: Trauma, Story and Indigenous Healing

The American Cafe

Savage Conversations: I’m interested in this one because it covers the topic of Abraham Lincoln ordering the hanging of thirty-eight Daokta’s back in 1862, and is one of the largest mass executions in United States history. It’s also written in a play-script format, which will be a change of pace (that I hopefully enjoy!)

New Poets of Native Nations: Since I’ve been trying to read more poetry, I thought it would be cool to read some poems from Native American poets! I believe there are also a wide variety of different nations represented throughout the collection, so it’ll be interesting to see what are common themes, but also the differences between the different nations, and how it might have influenced the poem.

So for these last five books on the list, I am planning on writing a post in October focusing on books by Native American authors. I found some that I thought I were interesting, or at least in genres that I’ve been wanting to read more of (such as poetry for New Poets of Native Nations and The Beadworkers, which is a collection of short stories).

Thank you for checking out my post, and I will see you next week with something new! Have a good rest of your week 😊


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