BEDIO: Imperfections

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

A while ago, I received an “Inspiration Journal” (it’s the best way I can describe it) from my boyfriend’s mom as a gift. As I’ve been feeling very uninspired at the moment, since it’s the end of Blogging Everyday, I decided to try filling out one of the prompts. I was able to fill out a couple of them, so I’m going to post one of them today and the other one tomorrow.

Without further ado, let’s talk about imperfection.


“A man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything”

-Edward John Phelps



How can imperfection be beautiful in yourself and someone else?



Imperfection is what makes us human; which can be both a beautiful and ugly thing, as humanity consists of both sides. Our imperfections help us learn the hard lessons in our life, as there are a few times in life when your flaws are the root cause of your mistakes. These imperfections also help us understand those around us, as we realize that they are just as imperfectly human as we are, and bound to make mistakes for that reason. To a certain extent we understand that, and this understanding gives us something to reach out to help others when they fail and need support. Imperfections also help us learn more about ourselves, because as we realize what our flaws are, we can just as easily find our strengths.

What are your guys’ thoughts on imperfections in ourselves and the people around us?

Thank you for reading, and I will see you tomorrow with another post!

Erin 🎃

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