BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Futures and EP’s]

Hello everybody, I hope you had a great weekend, and that your Monday is going smoothly! Welcome back to another Jimmy Eat World post! Today, we’re going to be discussing their album Futures, which is one of my favorite albums from Jimmy Eat World.



Honestly, I love all the songs on this album, which never really happens. Typically, there are about a couple of songs which just don’t click with me, so I skip them whenever they come on, but that’s not the case with Futures. I also have a special soft spot for this album, because in my junior year of high school, I used the title track as the background song for my Photography 3-4 final portfolio project.

Overall, I love the quality of the songs individually and how they connect with each other. It’s one of those where I enjoy going back and listening to each song on their own, but I also love listening to Futures all the way through. However, my overall favorite songs from them are not from this album.



Since I don’t have a list of favorite songs form Futures, I’ll also include some of Jimmy Eat World’s EP’s in this post.

For full disclosure, Jimmy Eat World has even more EP’s than the ones I list here. The only three EP’s of their’s I’ve listened to are FirestarterStay on My Side Tonight, and their Christmas EP. Since I don’t have a lot to add about their Christmas EP, (It only has 2 songs), I’ll go ahead and list the songs below, and go more into detail about Stay on My Side Tonight and Firestarter.

Christmas EP

  1. If You Were Born Today
  2. Last Christmas (Studio Version)

If you want to look more into their discography (They have 25 years worth of music), then here’s an extended compilation of all their music (Thank you, Wikipedia):


Stay On My Side Tonight

Stay on My Side Tonight has great songs, such as, “Disintegration” (which apparently was used in an episode of One Tree Hill), “Closer”, and “Over”. It also has a cover of the Heatmiser song, “Half-Right”, as well as a remix from Styrofoam of their song “Drugs or Me” from Jimmy Eat World’s Futures album. In all honesty, I do not like the “Drugs or Me” remix, and skip it every time it starts to play, but the rest of the EP is great.


There are four songs on the Firestarter EP:

  1. Firestarter (cover of the Prodigy song)
  2. (Splash) Turn Twist
  3. Hear You Me
  4. My Sundown

“Hear You Me” and “My Sundown” are also on the Bleed American album, and since I already had that album at this point, I only downloaded “Firestarter” and “(Splash) Turn Twist”.

I love Jimmy Eat World’s cover of “Firestarter”, as it gives the song a whole different feeling than the original. Prodigy’s rendition is more of stating a fact, and there’s almost a prideful undertone to it, as they are proud of being the “Firestarter”, as opposed to the Jimmy Eat World cover, which is slowed down a lot from the original, making it sound more melancholy and resentful of having the title of “Firestarter”.

As I can’t find a full playlist of the EP, I’ll include a link to “Firestarter” and “(Splash) Turn Twist” below. The version of “(Splash) Turn Twist” I’m including is the demo version, just so you know.





That’s about all I have for today’s post on Jimmy Eat World. There are now only 4 more days until the new album comes out! The countdown is on!

Thank you for reading, and I will see you tomorrow with a new post!


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