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Hello Everyone and welcome back to another post for another lovely October day!

Since it’s October, the month of horror, I figure we should probably talk about Stephen King, since ya know, that’s kind of his thing.

I haven’t read every single book of Stephen King’s, in fact I’ve actually only read a few. For whatever reason, I typically like to read one of his books a year, and usually in the fall, as it’s the best time to consume any horror/thriller type content… in my humble opinion.

As there are a lot of books that he’s written, I decided to try and do fun little chart where I mark off which books of his I’ve read… and turns out it’s even less than I thought. 🤣



However, even though I’ve only read 4 of his books, I’ve also watched The Shining (although if I remember correctly, King wasn’t that happy with the movie adaptation), Bag of Bones (the two part mini series with Pierce Bronsan in it), It (The new movie, both parts… speaking of which, it was cool seeing Stephen King’s cameo in it), and I’ve seen the movie adaptation of Carrie as well.

Since I thought I had read more of his books than I thought, I wanted to do a more in depth analysis of it, but alas that’s not going to be the case. Instead I’m figuring out which of his books I want to read next.

I know for sure I want to read either The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger or Under the Dome this year, because I have copies of both books. I might go with The Gunslinger just because Under the Dome is a book I DNF’d when I first started reading it (granted I was fifteen at the time, and I think it was either the second or third book of his I started).

I enjoy reading Stephen King, and hope to read more of his work in the future, but it can also be intimidating because of how many books he has written. Any suggestions on where to start? 😅

Now a couple of questions for you guys:

  1. Have you guys read any Stephen King?
  2. What have you read by him?

Thank you for reading my post, and I will see you tomorrow with a new one!


Erin 🎃

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