BEDIO: The Bookish Snob Tag πŸ“šand Sunshine Blogger Award β˜€!

Hey everyone and happy Friday! I was tagged for two different things this week, and I figured, why not do both of them today? First up is the Bookish Snob Tag, and I was tagged by Riddhi from Whispering Stories! Go ahead and check out her post as well, and thanks for the tag 😊Continue reading “BEDIO: The Bookish Snob Tag πŸ“šand Sunshine Blogger Award β˜€!”

BEDIO: Sunshine Blogger Award

As a Bookshop affiliate, I get a small commission if you purchase anything through the book links in this post. Hey everyone, I hope you’ve been having a great weekend! 😊 Last week, Riddhi B, from Whispering Stories, nominated me and 10 other bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You can go check out herContinue reading “BEDIO: Sunshine Blogger Award”