The Life of Being An Underwriter

A few years ago, I watched a couple of videos from Authortuber (I guess that’s a word now😂) Jenna Moreci discussing what underwriting and overwriting, and tips on how to fix your writing depending on which one you are. During your writing journey, you may have had heard these terms pop up a few times;Continue reading “The Life of Being An Underwriter”

Book Review: The Witness by Nora Roberts

*Disclaimer: There may be some spoilers in the following review, VIEWER (or reader I guess) DISCRETION IS ADVISED* Synopsis: If you don’t want a detailed of a description of the novel, I’ll insert the blurb right here so that you have an idea of what it’s about: “Elizabeth Finch’s short-lived teenage rebellion began with L’OréalContinue reading “Book Review: The Witness by Nora Roberts”

Creative Dumping Ground #6

This week I wanted to play around with some pictures I took of the flowers in the yard. Flowers also have their own meaning and symbolism behind them, so I figured I would do some research and see what these flowers symbolize. Hope you enjoy!   Yellow Daffodils Purple Hibiscus and Yellow/Orange Hibiscus    Continue reading “Creative Dumping Ground #6”