Creative Dumping Ground #7

Hello everybody! I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

So, for this week, I decided to film a video ranting about a book that’s been taking me forever to finish.  At the time I filmed this video, I had about 200 pages to read, but since I was frustrated at this point, I made a video anyways.

I did finish it a couple days ago, and let’s just say that I didn’t like a lot of aspects of the book still… but there were parts of it I found redeemable. I wanna post another video about it soon, so I gotta get that going at some point!

Anyways, here’s the video:



I didn’t want this post to just be me sharing this video, so I’m also going to start something this week. Recently, I got a journal, full of prompts and quotes related to the prompts, as a present (thank you btw 😉 you know who you are).  Anyways, I decided I want to post prompts from this journal each week (I might expand this to other sources too, because there are only so many prompts in one journal), and my response to them.

2019-05-02 00.54.14


Now here’s this weeks prompt and my response:

Quote: “Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it.” -Mahatma Ghandi

Prompt: Write about all the lessons you’ve learned in life so far…


My Response:

  1. People who care about you will take the time to talk to you, but you need to take the time to talk to those you care about as well. Relationships are a two way street, whether it’s a friendship, family member, or significant other, you should have just as much of a stake in the relationship as they do.
  2. There are times in life where you will hurt people without meaning to. Though you didn’t mean to, that doesn’t mean the person you hurt will be anymore forgiving for it.
  3. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, so appreciate those around you, while they’re still here.
  4. If someone in your life is not bringing out the best in you, don’t hesitate to remove them from your life. In the long run, it could be the best thing for both of you. Maybe you both were a wake up call, or a lesson to learn. Either way, be mindful of who you allow into your life.
  5. Failure is a part of life, especially if you are taking risks. These risks can also lead to success, so take the risk. After all, you can’t succeed without failure.
  6. Never stop learning. Once you stop learning, ignorance will take its place.
  7. Listening is important, but don’t let it overshadow the importance of speaking your mind. There is a time and place to listen, just as much as there is a time and place to talk.
  8. Travelling is stressful (for me anyways) but rewarding.
  9. The good things in life come unexpectedly, but when they’re here, you will know.
  10. I need to trust myself more than I doubt myself.

Some of these lessons were hard to learn, and some I’m still working on, but that’s what life is all about in the end. Learning how to be a better version of yourself and committing to actually being that better version of yourself.



On that note, I think that’s about all I have for this week!

Thank you for reading, and I will see you in the next post!

Erin 🙂

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