Current Reads/ What I’m Watching (09/16/2020)

Hey there! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today’s post is going to be kind of an eclectic (haha) discussion of what I’ve been reading/watching.

This week, I’ve only been reading Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Colhurst (which I talked about in my last WWW Wednesdays). I’m about halfway through the book, and it’s perfect for what I need right now. Something a bit lighthearted, but still has an interesting overarching plot, as right now, my brain needs a break from reality 😂 (At this point, don’t we all?)

Of Fire and Stars is the story of two princesses, Dennaleia and Amaranthine (Mare), who come together to solve a mysterious assassination within the of Mynaria kingdom, and as they grow closer, they realize their bond might be something more. The problem? Dennaleia is betrothed to Mare’s brother to create an alliance between her kingdom and Mynaria.

Anyways, that’s the only book I’ve been reading currently. The reason I haven’t been reading as much lately is because I’ve been watching Sense 8 😂

Sense 8 is a show on Netflix about 8 people from around the world who are psychically connected, and are fighting against an organization trying to hunt them down, while also dealing with the problems in their individual lives. Sense 8 came out in 2015 (Yeah, I’m a little late here), and I remember watching the first episode back in college and liking it, but never continuing the series (I was a bit busy after all).

Right now, I’m on the final episode of season 2 (the final season), which is 2 1/2 hours long… so basically it’s a movie. I definitely recommend checking it out (if you haven’t already) if you love sci-fi stories involving fighting against an organization that’s become corrupt. This is also a great show for those who enjoy multi-point of view stories, as we’re constantly switching between the eight sensates.

Well… that’s about all I have for this week 😂 This post is going to be short and sweet, but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyways!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next week with a new post!


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