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With everything happening this week concerning Jacob Blake and the Kenosha shooting, I think it’s a good time to make another post highlighting how you can help with the Black Lives Matter movement.

It may seem as though everyone is shouting into a void, where the only people truly listening are those who agree with them. It may seems as though everything is hopeless, and that nothing is going to change.

However, by continuing the conversation, and extending it beyond the relationship between police and Black Americans, it will make it harder to ignore the change still necessary in the United States. We might even be more open to thinking about the history of oppression for other minority groups in the United States.

Should we have already been having these conversations? Yes, we should have. But now is as good of a time as ever to educate yourself, and find ways to support. This is also a reminder that we shouldn’t only be supportive when there is pain in the Black community, but also be there for the celebrations of joy. This is something that should be a year round effort, not just when people are hurt or killed (A sentiment which applies to any cause).


A couple articles/posts summarizing the incident with Jacob Blake (no video):



Summary of the Kenosha Shooting:


A Twitter thread showing different cases of people who aren’t protester’s instigating at various protests around the country:

Also, they’re still protesting in Louisville, KY for justice for Breonna Taylor:


Twitter Post with Data revolving around #PublishingPaidMe:

Twitter Post Discussing the real estate market and how race can affect housing prices. I also recommend reading through the thread, as it has additional resources concerning this particular topic:

Thread of books by Black authors that came out in July (I talked about reading The Year of the Witching for Fortnight Frights in October, and I’m super excited about it!):

Ways to Support:

A couple different updated carrd’s of global issues :



I recommend checking out this thread for updated resources for more updated resources:

Here are the links to my past two blog posts with resources and ways you can help out:

The First Post: https://readingandwritingthroughlife.com/2020/06/05/what-can-you-do-to-help-as-an-ally/

The Second Post: https://readingandwritingthroughlife.com/2020/06/23/how-to-help-as-an-ally-for-black-lives-matter-pt-2/

If you are looking to support independent bookstores, here is a graphic from O Magazine (Oprah’s magazine) made in honor of Independent Bookstore Day:

I’ll end this post with this graphic:

Tate, J., Jenkins J., & Rich, S.(2020, May 26). 2019 Police Shooting Database. Washington Post.
United States Census Bureau. ACS Demographic and Housing Estimates
Wikipedia. List of killings by law enforcement officers by country (As appearing on May 29, 2020)
The chart is incomplete. The author removed the top of the chart to put US conditions in context.
Venezuela tops the chart with 1633 (I found this on Reddit)

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. There’s absolutely no way I want to help or support BLM in any way. They have been burning cities and causing chaos for months. Of course people are going to start defending themselves.


    1. Do you not support the movement in general, or just specifically the organization? I only ask as I know people who have a problem with the organization specifically, but still support the idea/movement of “Black Lives Matter”, so I was just curious. Also, I want to point out how a lot of rioters and police have been instigating the destruction associated with the protests (I’ve added a Twitter thread to this post with multiple pieces of evidence), not those who are actually there to protest. I talk about it in more detail in my first post about Black Lives Matter, with other videos showing this as well. Protestors are NOT the ones rioting. The rioters take advantage of these protests to either loot or cause anarchy because they know the protestors will be blamed, not them. That’s why protestors tell those who are protesting to not take part in the looting or property destruction, or if there is anything planted there before the protests, to not touch it.
      There have been peaceful protests still happening to this day that aren’t being covered by MSM. In Louisville, KY for example, they have been protesting for over 100 days for Breonna Taylor, which are only being covered by the local newspaper, and discussed on social media.

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