Poetry Prompt #3

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great start to your week!

For this weeks poetry prompt, I’m using a prompt from the article 125 Of The Best Poetry Writing Prompts For Poets from the website Writer’s Relief. They have quite a few prompts I find interesting, but for now, I’m going to only choose one, and save the others for future posts 😉

Anyways, here are a few poems for this week’s prompt, “Between dreams”.

I hope you enjoy it!

Think of the space

Which spans between

One dream

And the next.

How infinite it can seem,

When you are looking,

Just to cross it.

It may seem impossible,

Difficult to bridge the gap,

To reach the other side.

Perhaps you don’t see a space,

Only darkness,

Only emptiness,

Up ahead.

Dare yourself to see,

The darkness lit up with hope.

Dare yourself to fill,

The emptiness with a bright future.

Let there be a colorful bridge,

From one dream to the next.

Simply let there be,

Another dream.

We use reality as an excuse,

To shrink down our hopes,


And desires,

Into bite-sized pieces,

For others to digest easily.


Why would you do that to yourself?

Let your dreams be big,

Let your dreams be loud,

Let them take up space.

So that you,

Can finally see your worth.

The average person,

May dream three,


Or seven times a night.

All these dreams,

Pressed together,

In a kaleidoscope of thought,

Within only a couple hours.

How we have so many dreams,

Just to forget them,

After returning to reality.

So many adventures,


In the blink of an eye.

Some dreams escape our grasp,

Floating to the back of our mind.

Others haunt us in our waking hours,

Reminding us of the thoughts which roam freely,

In the land of stars and night.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you on Wednesday with a new post!


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