Poetry Prompt #1

Hey everyone, I hope it’s been a good week!

Today, I wanted to try a poetry prompt from a notebook I have called Write the Poem. It gives you a one word prompt, with a list of “Word Associations” on the side. I decided to write a set of Haiku’s, because I never really write Haiku’s and it seemed like a fun thing to do 👌

If you want to try it out yourself here you go!

PromptWord Associations

Note: As I was editing, I learned how terrible I am at counting 😂 I wrote these according to the standard 5-7-5 format… or tried to at least! Hopefully my ability to count the amount of syllables in a phrase has improved!

That smile right there,

Was enough for anyone

To be enchanted.

That goddamn dimple,

Has made me do stupid things,

Because I saw love.

I was taken by

That laugh which would fill a room,

Never reaching their eyes.

I thought he was nice,

With that one beaming smile,

Which hid everything.

The last thing I saw

Was that dumb smirk on his face

As I ran away.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next week with a new post!

-Erin 🙂

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