Current Reads & My Thoughts on Disney+

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve been having a good week so far!

Since this week is Thanksgiving week, I want to do some laid back posts, so I figure I would talk about my current reads, along with Disney+ after having used it for a few weeks. I’m debating whether or not I will post on Friday, as it’s going to be a busy week for me, since a lot of friends from out of town are coming back, and there’s all sorts of Thanksgiving preparations that need to be taken care of… so we will see 🤣

Now that we got all of that out of the way… Let’s get into the post!

Current Read

During the late fall/winter, I’m always in the mood to read books that fall in the fantasy/sci-fi category more so than anything else. I have a lot of books that fall into these genres, but right now I’m working my way through Daughter of Smoke and Bone.


I read the first book a couple of years ago, and tried reading the second book sometime this year, but I had forgotten so much that happened in the first book, so I decided to re-read the first book again. I want to read the entire trilogy before the end of the year, though I’ve been reading a bit less right now than I was before, so we’ll see how it goes 🤷‍♂️ I have been enjoying the re-read though, and I want to read more of Laini Taylor’s books, as her writing style really clicks with me.

I’m interested in reading Strange the Dreamer as well, so if you’ve read it, let me know whether or not you liked it!



In case you haven’t heard… Disney+ is here and streaming all the Disney content that is hard to find, such as the old Disney Channel shows and the Disney movies that used to be hidden away in the Disney Vault until the company decided to release it.

Although I’ve been enjoying the content and soaking in the childhood nostalgia, I have a few issues with Disney+, concerning the technical side of the whole thing.

  1. When you are watching a show, it does not save what episode you are on currently. However, when you watch movies, it saves your progress. I don’t know why it’s like that, but I hope they fix it, since it’s annoying having to try and remember where I left off when watching a show.
  2. When you first start watching something, a black shadow appears on the top of the screen, but disappears after 30 seconds. It doesn’t stay that long, but it’s noticeable and shouldn’t be happening in the first place.
  3. This is just a personal preference, but the fact that I can’t easily access the content I’m currently watching is also annoying. For example, Netflix has the row of content that you started watching, so that if you want to continue watching it, you can easily find it. On Disney+, you have to search for whatever it was you are watching.

*EDIT* Disney+ literally added a “Continue Watching” section a few hours after I posted this… coincidence? I THINK NOT 🤣 (in case you need me to tell you… I’m just kidding).

Other than that, I’ve loved being able to watch all the Disney movies/ shows that weren’t as easy to access due to either us only owning the movie on VHS, or the shows not being available to stream anywhere.


That’s about all I have for today, thank you for reading and I will see you on Friday (Or maybe next week, who knows 😂) with a new post!

Erin 🙂

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