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Hey everybody, I hope you’ve all been doing well! This has been quite the week for me (Don’t worry, I mean this in a good way!)

Caldo's Cabana
I’ve also been playing around with different banners and such to add on here. Here’s one of them!

So, instead of trying to do some creative post last minute, I figure, why not talk about this past week? After all, this is my blog and I get to talk about WHATEVER I want WHENEVER I want. 🤣😂

First thing’s first, I started my new job this week! It’s a place that I’ve applied to multiple times over the course of the past five years, and I’m happy to finally be working there. It wasn’t necessarily in a position I thought I would be working in, but in all honesty, just working there is enough for me. When I come home from work, instead of feeling mentally exhausted, I may only have some sore feet, and  I might be somewhat tired. Yet, I feel energized and excited to edit my writing drafts (which has been something I’ve been struggling with lately, because editing my own work is the worst sometimes. I’ll look at something I’ve written and been like “What was I thinking when I wrote this? Did I really think this sounded good?”). Basically, my point is that this new job has been good for me so far, and I hope it continues keeping me motivated to have a more consistent writing schedule.

Now for the second thing… I mentioned that I’ve been editing my writing draft more so lately. When I started initially this year with editing, I was jumping around various points of my draft and fixing things with no particular order. The only way I really knew what I wanted to edit was that I would remember a part, and that I wanted to change something about it. Or I would open it up to a random page and start reading, then edit from there.

This week though, I have started reading my draft from the beginning and editing a chapter or two a day. I’m proud of myself for finally sitting down and seriously edit, because this draft needs it! I’ve always been more of an underwriter (basically, I don’t write enough to get the story across to the reader), so I’ve been adding more to my story during these editing sessions (and fixing clunky sentences, grammatical errors, all the good stuff), and I’ve already added another couple thousand words. I haven’t felt this focused and determined in a long time, and it’s nice to have that mindset again, after feeling so out of it recently.

Thought this could be a cool design… although I don’t think for my blog ;D

And finally, I’ve been thinking about doing more book reviews, although it may be a few weeks until I post another one. Currently, I am reading the final book in a trilogy (The Darker Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab, in case you were wondering), and rather than doing a book review post for just the one book, I want to do more of a series wrap up. For that kind of content, I personally would rather film a video over writing a post, because… it makes more sense to me to do it that way… plus I just want to do it ;D But, I also want it to be edited (unlike the other two videos I posted), so I’m saving up some money to purchase a better editing software as opposed to the free one I’ve been trying to use (and failing miserably at).

Now that I’ve updated you guys about where I’m at right now… Well, that’s really all I have for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I will see ya in the next post! Have a great weekend!

Erin 🙂

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In case you were interested in knowing how I designed these pictures in my post, I used A while ago, I saw someone comment on a post about designing logos and stuff for blog posts and they mentioned they used Canva (which is also where I made my logo).🤷‍♀️



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