Creative Dumping Ground #2

I hope you’re ready for another post of me throwing a bunch of random things into one post, because I am!

As I have been writing a lot more recently, there aren’t going to be as many small tidbits of random writing as there were in the last one (Which could be good because that means I’ve been exercising my creative writing muscle… WOOHOO!)

I remember when I was in my junior year of college, I had so much reading to do for class that it made me not want to read for fun. I was super bummed (of course), and when I talked about it with the lady I was interning at the time, Lisa (she makes handcrafted soaps and she’s really awesome! I linked her website at the end of this post), she told me how sometimes it’s best to give your brain a break and find other hobbies that don’t use the same parts of the brain.

Basically, give yourself a break, find new hobbies that excite you (especially if you feel stuck in a rut with your current one) because it could ultimately give you a spark of inspiration or appreciation that you haven’t felt for a while.

Anyways, now that I got that out of the way, enjoy some random photos and things!

2019-02-20 20.06.10.jpg
When I worked as a barista, a coworker and I tried to come up with a cool drink for… I think Halloween (Besides what Starbucks had come up with) and this was it. Took that photo and edited with some crazy effects I found on my computer’s photo editing software.


-Please don’t forget me. If there’s one wish that I have, it’s that you remember me and all that we shared.


20180128_125240 (2).jpg
Picture I took at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. I always love going there 🙂 Plus I love editing landscape photos


-In the grand scheme of it all, we just want to be seen. Not necessarily by the whole world, but at least by one person.

There are people who spend their whole lives being seen by those around them, and then there are the people like us. Those who just blend in, and fade into the background so easily.


Thanks for reading, see ya in the next post!

Erin 🙂

If you want to check out Lisa’s soaps:

Twitter: @ENordhof



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