BEDIO: Reader’s Problems Book Tag

Happy Sunday! I decided to dig out another book tag that has been sitting in my drafts for a couple of years, and this time, all the answers are blank! πŸ˜‚ I also figured since it’s October and Halloween is coming up, each question is going to be decorated in the most festive fashion. IContinue reading “BEDIO: Reader’s Problems Book Tag”

BEDIO: Horror Manga I Want To Check Out (Even When It’s Not October πŸ‘»)

Happy Friday everyone! So I’ve been wanting to get into more horror manga, as I’ve heard of some interesting series. The series I’ve read so far are Berserk and The Girl On The Otherside (although this second one isn’t super horror-esque, so if you are interested in something horror like, but isn’t too grotesque orContinue reading “BEDIO: Horror Manga I Want To Check Out (Even When It’s Not October πŸ‘»)”

BEDIO: My Favorite Lo-fi Background Music to Listen to During October

Hey everyone! You may have noticed there was another post that was supposed to go up today, but I ran out of time (and mental energy) to work on it, so it was blank … which is why I deleted itπŸ˜‚ I want to post it sometime soon, but as you could tell, I stillContinue reading “BEDIO: My Favorite Lo-fi Background Music to Listen to During October”

BEDIO: Creative Dumping Ground

Hey everyone, I hope you’ve been having a good weekend! Since it’s Sunday, which is supposed to be the day of rest, and a sort of “reset” day, I decided it would be a good day to do a Creative Dumping Ground post. I’ll get to show off some photography, and you don’t have toContinue reading “BEDIO: Creative Dumping Ground”

BEDIO: First Week Update

Hello everyone! Since today is Saturday, it has officially been one week since Blog Everyday In October started πŸŽ‰ I don’t know if I’ll do weekly updates throughout the entire month, but I at least wanted to do one for the first week (possibly because I don’t have anything ready for today… but that’s notContinue reading “BEDIO: First Week Update”

BEDIO: Totally Didn’t Book Tag

Hello Everyone, and happy Friday! This is a book tag I’ve had saved in my drafts for a long time (since 2019 if I remember correctly), so I figured why not break it out for BEDIO 2022? Since it’s been in my drafts for a long time, a lot of these answers are from whenContinue reading “BEDIO: Totally Didn’t Book Tag”