BEDIO: Trying Pintrest Drinks- Poison Apple Cocktail

Hey everybody, I hope you’re having a great week! If not, you can always try this drink as a little midweek pick me up 😉😂 This is the Poison Apple Cocktail from Pintrest, and I’m not going to lie, the reason why I was drawn to this drink is because of the gold glitter mixedContinue reading “BEDIO: Trying Pintrest Drinks- Poison Apple Cocktail”

BEDIO: Creative Dumping Ground #17

Hello Everyone, and happy Monday! Actually… is there such a thing as a happy Monday? You know what, let’s just ignore that and I’ll get to the point here. So today, I wanted to do a creative dumping ground, because I’ve been doing a lot of short form creative writing (it’s the best way IContinue reading “BEDIO: Creative Dumping Ground #17”

BEDIO: Let’s Talk About a Ted Talk

Hey guys, happy Sunday! I hope you’ve been having a nice fun, relaxing (or crazy fun, whichever you prefer) weekend! Recently I was watching a Ted Talk by Johann Hari about depression and anxiety. He discusses how not only are there biological factors that contribute to both, but also how society plays a part inContinue reading “BEDIO: Let’s Talk About a Ted Talk”

BEDIO: Trying Pintrest Halloween Drinks- Seduction Shot

Hey everybody, I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend! In case you’re not (and you like to drink), how about you try out this fun shot? Or, well, if you like Midori, then you should try this shot. 🤣 Anyways, as I’ve been wanting to try different Halloween themed drinks from Pintrest,Continue reading “BEDIO: Trying Pintrest Halloween Drinks- Seduction Shot”

BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Integrity Blues]

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I hope you’re week has been going well, and if not… well the weekend is almost upon us! Today is going to be my final Jimmy Eat World post, as their new album Surviving, releases TODAY. Woohoo! As I haven’t had time to listen to the album yet (and probably won’tContinue reading “BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Integrity Blues]”

BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Damage]

Hello everyone and welcome back to Blog Everyday in October! As we’ve been doing the countdown for the new Jimmy Eat World album, just thought I should say that tomorrow is the release day! Woohoo! In the mean time, let’s talk about one of their newer albums, Damage, which came out in 2013. Damage has been describedContinue reading “BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Damage]”

BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Invented]

Welcome back everyone! The album we’re talking about today is one of my favorite albums of Jimmy Eat World’s (as far as the album’s  concept and story behind its creation). Invented is one of their most interesting album’s to me simply because of how they came up with the whole concept of the album. TheyContinue reading “BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Invented]”

BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Chase This Light]

Hi Everybody, and happy Tuesday! As we are continuing the countdown for Jimmy Eat World’s newest album Surviving, we are going to discuss their album Chase this Light, which came out in 2007. From a lot of the time I’ve spent reading comments and forums, I’m aware that the album Chase this Light isn’t a big fan favorite, because itContinue reading “BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Chase This Light]”

BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Futures and EP’s]

Hello everybody, I hope you had a great weekend, and that your Monday is going smoothly! Welcome back to another Jimmy Eat World post! Today, we’re going to be discussing their album Futures, which is one of my favorite albums from Jimmy Eat World. Futures Honestly, I love all the songs on this album, which neverContinue reading “BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Futures and EP’s]”

BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Bleed American/Self-Titled]

Hey everybody, I hope your October has been awesome! Today, we are continuing on the Jimmy Eat World album train. For this post, we’re going to discuss Bleed American. Bleed American is an interesting album for Jimmy Eat World, in many ways. It’s their album that brought them commercial success with songs such as “The Middle” andContinue reading “BEDIO: Jimmy Eat World [Bleed American/Self-Titled]”